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Amanda Barry Jones
"Ancestral Reverie"

"Starry Night in the Swamp", 2024, Cone 10 reduction stoneware, 10.375" x 10.375" x .75"

East Gallery
August 3 - August 31, 2024

Opening Reception:

Saturday, August 3, 6pm-9pm


My quasi-narrative artworks, inspired by nature, mythology, and human ancestry, draw on the cultural reverence and iconography of flora, fauna, and traditions. Using ceramics, a material rooted in geological time, I preserve culture, convey messages, and shape identity. Expansive landscapes and recurring sculptural forms, like empty shells, invite contemplation about humanity's place and impact in the universe, emphasizing the ephemeral nature of life and the passage of time.


This series, "Ancestral Reverie", utilizes the unique effects of illustrating with glaze on ceramic wall forms to create abstract landscapes, imbued with an eerie and haunting allure. Many draw inspiration from my childhood near the swamps of the Big Thicket, echoing memories of the land that built me. Ethereal shapes emerge within these landscapes, serving as a bridge to our ancestral past and the indigenous inhabitants who once traversed these lands. This tribute to those who preceded us features the sun or moon presiding over the horizon, becoming an enduring connection to history and a visual thread weaving through our collective landscapes.

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