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Ann Longo (Texas)

"Terra Stories"

September 1, 2007

The exhibit consists of several small paintings in egg tempera on panels along with a few larger paintings in acrylic on paper.

In 2009, Mr. Jennings took a break from the sculpture project he was working on to do some paintings. In his studio, he had a large basket filled with hats which he had collected over the years. Some were gifts and some were handed down or inherited. Some were purchased during travels when a hat might keep the sun away and the rain off.

"A good hat doesn't need a head. It has personality all its own, especially after it has been broken in and worn by its owner. They are interesting forms and shapes in themselves".

Mr. Jennings grew up on the Maine coast where he ate lobster and blueberries in the summer and chopped wood in the winter. He moved to Louisiana in 1986 where he lived for twenty-one years before moving to Houston in 2007. Along the way he picked up many hats.


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