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Ann Porter (Idaho)


February 7 - March 1, 2009

Babydogs (Hydrocal)
I became interested in making babydogs because I wanted to explore the relationship that people have with animals. Since I am a little old lady with two obnoxious dogs, I felt that the most relevant figures were a combination of babies and dachshunds. Formally, I think the dachshunds and the babies work well together because they are about  the same size, so that the combination seems somehow plausible or natural.

Dancing Dog (Bronze)
The Dancing dog is an extension of the work with the Babydogs. With the Babydogs, there is often a sense of unease or tension, but with the Dancing Dog, I felt like it was important to celebrate the union.

Babydog’s Bible Stories—Judith and Maidservant (Glass)
Since the whole Babydog series is an exploration of the sainted or holy union of opposites, I decided to make the dogs actors in Biblical dramas.  Judith and Maidservant is a story that often was painted by a number of Baroque painters. In this Old Testament adventure, the Israelites are fighting a terrible battle and losing. That night, the wife of the Israeli leader, Judith, sneaks into the tent of the enemy general, seduces him and as he rests in post-coital bliss, she cuts off his head.

This research was (partially) supported by a grant from the Faculty Research Committee, Black Hillls State University.


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