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Annabel Livermore (El Paso)

"Kitchen Works"

November 7 - November 30, 2015

We were fortunate and proud to exhibit very rare watercolors never shown in Houston, by the renowned Texas visionary artist, Annabel Livermore. Her last painting retrospective was held in 2005 at the Houston ALH, curated by Sharon Kopriva.

The works depict flora that are typically observed while experiencing dreams in a surrealistic state. The flat pastels are flush with earth tone and primary colors. The unseen winds undulate the flowers as they appear to disintegrate into drops of vegetative matter. The art works are encased in handmade frames made of 24 K gold-leaf.

Annabel’s bio lists her as a retired librarian from the Midwest. Her first show debuted in Juarez, Mexico in 1986. In the mid-nineties, the master artist and poet James Magee acknowledged her as one of his alter egos. Magee is world renowned for his ongoing 25 year epic creation of a major monument (The Hill) in the Chihuahua desert located northeast of El Paso. The paintings in this exhibition were removed from the artist’s kitchen in El Paso. All works are for sale and are museum quality.

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