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Redbud Projects

Art is in the Heart of Houston
Art on Long Point

Houston, Texas
February 14 - November 14, 2020
Art on Long Point

“Art on Long Point” is a community-based project to display locally created, three-dimensional art work along the length of Long Point Road to Hempstead Highway. As primary sponsor and driving force behind the program, the Spring Branch Management District, has announced plans to continue the exhibit indefinitely. However, since each individual piece of art is available for purchase, the pieces will be on display for nine months, but will be rotated with new ones over time. The first seven (7) pieces of art include a larger-than-life patchwork dog and a highly stylized house on stilts. To learn more about the program visit


The project plays off other successful art outdoor exhibitions in Houston such as the Mini Mural program. These public displays provide much-needed support to artists by showcasing local talent and the truly unique and imaginative pieces they create. The Spring Branch District has budgeted for a mini-mural program as well for 2020. 


The “Art on Long Point” project will be unveiled at a kick off ceremony on Valentine’s Day 2020.  Local business and community leaders will be on hand to greet visitors and bask in the creative energy that surrounds this worthy effort to highlight all the great things that are going on in “The Heart of Houston”.

Sentiments from the Curator

Dear Viewer: 


Over half a century ago, I worked as a stock boy in Spring Branch. In the 1960’s, the community was quite a mixture of shops and residences, known for its excellent school district.  As a German/French American, I was proud of the fact that Spring Branch was founded by German immigrant farmers and merchants prior to the founding of Houston itself. Many of their descendants still live in the area. This German ambitious work ethic formed the basis of the original area.  


The Spring Branch Management District initiated this project. It is well documented that art in public spaces creates a sense of place and distinctively contributes to community cohesion and wellbeing. Art adds an economic value to the area through inward investment and tourism and fosters civic pride, confidence, and quality of life.


The Texas artists chosen for this exhibition are primarily from Houston and teach at universities, colleges, and top schools.  They are accomplished in their fields and have shown extensively in galleries and museums.  Many of the works have never been shown in public and are created especially for this show. 


We hope you enjoy the collection of outstanding examples of the exciting work produced in our area. I wish to thank members of the Spring Branch Management District for making this exhibit possible. Kudos to the artists for meeting the requirements of the exhibit logistics. James Vick of SWA provided valuable site location guidance for the project. Project Manager Marlon Connley of the City Parks and Recreation Department obtained necessary permits. Project advisor Deborah McNulty, as mayor Turner’s Cultural liaison, and Gretchen Larson assisted by Kristen Gonzales of Hawes Hill & Associates, ably guided all aspects of the project.


Enjoy the show.


Gus Kopriva, Curator 

Redbud Gallery Owner

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