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Becky Soria (Houston)


July 9 - August 27, 2011

Becky has been fascinated by the primitive, not so much by contemporary "primitive" cultures, rather almost exclusively by the earliest Paleolithic paintings in human history.

"Although we have only subtle intimations of their original meaning, and realized that these images are so far removed from us by time- ( roughly 20,000 +) years of cultural change – that understanding the meaning and function they had at the time there were produced has become nearly impossible for the anthropologist as well as for the art historian.

I hope that the works of this exhibition show my attempts to summon at least some of these diverse factors that gathered in the creation of the Paleolithic cave paintings as we have them today. In particular I sought to capture the mood. But at another level, I also made the image” my own” by articulating it within my own and our contemporary world. In some cases I see myself stitching the image to some contemporary issue, or plastic vocabulary. Other times I elaborate the image along some universal theme, and still other times, I see myself expanding on a narrative hinted by the image or transforming into something altogether different."

Becky Soria

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