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b.moodyart (Houston)

"An American Family"

​September 7 - September 29, 2013

o this crushing burden - these sins of my fathers

what fetid weight this melancholy we call the deep south

surely the day of reckoning is upon this land of cotton

for behold:

the conversion of St. Stonewall on the road to

       Damascus, Georgia

b. moody continues his obsession with the contradiction of mythologies and attitudes inherent to his beloved Deep South.  Starting with his “Welcome to Cotton County” collection of 2012, he continues to draw upon a personal, as well as regional, consciousness that evokes imagery that is simultaneously amusing and horrifying, both historic and frighteningly current.


The cast of characters (or FAMILY) continues to grow and evolve:  the John Deere wearing Wigger Boy, Pic-a-ninni girl (lil’ pic), Uncle Wayne (known as Tex, the Marlboro Man), Aunt Deanie and her cast of “other” race lovers with their broods of bastard off-spring, the Blue Girl Snake Handler, Negro Baby – all carrying on down the road a piece at Moody Plantation – and all presided over by the all-knowing one, St. Stonewall Jackson the 1st, King of All Cool Bulldogs!


A contrast of lurid, saturated color – expressive lines - evocative imagery – an emphasis on everyday common materials - fetishistic touches – all are front row and center in the new collection of work he calls “AN AMERICAN FAMILY”

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