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Brandon Ballengée
Fishes: Masters of Adaptation Workshop

"RIP African Pompano", archival giclée

West Gallery
Saturday, February 25, 3pm-5pm

Fishes are by far the most successful group of vertebrates (animals with backbones) to ever occupy Earth. Fish are marvels of adaptation and resilience, occupying almost all bodies of water on our planet, and scientists have described over 35,000 species with new species being found all the time! However, overfishing, oil spills, changes to habitats and climate have caused many species to decline. The Gulf of Mexico is home to 78 endemic fishes, found nowhere else in the world, and many of these have not been reported in recent decades. Join artist and biologist, Dr. Brandon Ballengée for an art-science workshop on Gulf fish species diversity, natural history and specimen drawing!

For more information about Brandon's work, please visit

Materials are provided for the workshop.

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