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Bruce New (Kentucky)
"Together We Can Dream This Life Away"

July 2 - July 31, 2016

“Together We Can Dream This Life Away” presents the collage of Bruce New. Based in Richmond, Kentucky, Bruce New is a Self Taught Visionary Artist. His collages, full of a deep and personal vocabulary of symbolic imagery, engage the viewer with their compelling graphic nature and their ultimate mystery.

Bruce New has been featured on the cover of Raw Vision, the leading international journal of Outsider Art and is included in the recently published book “When The Spirit Speaks, Self Taught Art of The South.”

Artist Statement

“My work is an attempt to document my existence - to leave a visual record of my thoughts, ideas, and fantasies. I reside in the wilds of Kentucky, with a bird, on a mountaintop, right next to the sun, where I create my artwork high on butterfly wine.”

This exhibit is presented in collaboration with Jay Wehnert and Intuitive Eye.



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