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Elisa and Luis Jimenez
"We Are All Stardust"

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East and West Gallery
November 13 - January 4, 2022

Opening Reception:

Saturday, November 13, 12pm-9pm

Redbud Gallery is pleased to present the work of Elisa Jimenez and her late father Luis Jimenez in the exhibition “We Are All Stardust”.

Saturday, November 13:


6:30pm - Elisa and The Hunger World™ perform live. "Spontaneous Couture™" on Oliva Haroutounian (10-15 minutes).

7:00pm - Interactive fashion performance runway show of a living sketchbook which will include vintage Elisa Jimenez Hunger World™ one-of-a-kind "Ready-Mades" available for purchase the following day (Sunday, November 14, 12pm-5pm).

Show will end with all model performers in their personal custom couture "Nakedflesh" dresses (8-15 minutes).

Sunday, November 14:


12pm-5pm - Elisa will have first come, first serve one-of-a-kind fashions and drawings for sale, and taking orders for couture "Nakedflesh" dresses as seen in Vogue. In addition, Elisa will be telling stories about her life with her father with moments of spontaneous couture at various times.


"We Are All Stardust" is an interactive art fashion performance event with drawings and signature Elisa Jimenez & The Hunger World™ wearable one of a kind couture, sculptural performative pieces.  Luis Jimenez, a long-time amigo, worked in our building for several years. Seldom seen originals by Luis will be on view in our west gallery.

Elisa Jimenez with The Hunger World™ aesthetics will fashion a multi-trans-disciplined portrait and soliloquy of her father, the late great modern Neo-Baroque sculptor, artist, activist, and architect of an incredible life which touched countless people and generations. Elisa will create her “Spontaneous Couture” and combine the act with stories of her father. She presents a story of love, loss, and the eternal internal power of the artist to regain beyond the boundaries of flesh.

Luis Jimenez was a voice for the Everyman and a herald and chronicler of the Re-Evolution and his view of people and this country's transgressions. His works commemorate the injustices via voluminous forms and vibrant colors of life reformed. His art depicts the subject matter in a virulent style, utilizing working class materials such as fiberglass and glistening metal flakes that have been elevated to a high art form. He was part of the Pop Art Movement in its bursting scene in NYC in the sixties. Coined as the "Grandfather of The Chicano Art Movement," he was a dedicated activist for Art for The People and Nature with his larger-than-life public works.

"I do all with love, therefore there is love in all I do." - Elisa Jimenez

"Elisa Jimenez and I first started discussing this daughter/father Redbud exhibition over ten years ago. We are very excited about this event." - Gus Kopriva

Please come and join us.

Gus Kopriva, Redbud Gallery Owner
Tanja Peterson, Redbud Gallery Director

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