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Forrest Prince
"Awake Beloved, We've Slept Too Long"

April 7 - April 30, 2018

Opening Reception

Saturday, April 7, 2018
6pm to 9pm

Redbud Gallery is honored and proud to announce a solo exhibition of the spiritualistic artist, Forrest Prince. 

"I have wanted to work with Forrest and show his work for many years and share his unique art with our audience. Some of the finest art that has been created addresses topics of religion, politics, and social issues that still plague our country.

Residing in Houston, this self-taught artist has developed an original recognizable artistic style. His work is represented in many of our most well-known collections. You will be drawn to view impressive large mixed media works, sculptures and wall pieces. His art conveys a feeling of spiritual mystery and enchantment.

Prince’s work directly deals with religious hypocrisy, social indifference and regressive politics that are so prevalent in our society. He is one of those rare humans that through self-contemplation has been able to find unity with an absolute deity. Prince has reached a state of spiritual bliss that is beyond most of our understanding. 

The art is well crafted and simplistic in nature, but conveys powerful reminders of our ills. Many of his reflective works are constructed of mirrors and the viewer is forced to view themselves while gazing at the art. His art is meant to communicate with our individual selves, not others."

-Gus Kopriva, Redbud Gallery Owner

This exhibition will debut new works, the remainder is courtesy of Deborah Colton Gallery.

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