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Franklin Alvarez (Cuba)


​June 2 - July 1, 2012

Redbud Gallery is proud to announce the first United States exhibition for Cuban artist Franklin Alvarez.  Alvarez has exhibited extensively in Havana, and two years ago the museum in his hometown of Camaguey organized a retrospective of his work.  A graduate of the prestigious Cuban art school, ISA (Instituto Superior de Arte), Alvarez works with equal mastery in oils and watercolor.  This watercolor show offers a survey of his themes: images of weights and measures, portraits of his countrymen on punching bags or flying in the air in suspended animation, defying gravity and weightlessness. We are pleased that Franklin Alvarez will be in attendance at the opening on June 2.  Special thanks to Jack Massing and Terry Taffer for their assistance in arranging this exhibition.

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