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Gladys Poorte
"Every Hour of the Light and the Dark"

"Tiger, Tiger", oil on wood, 50" x 38"

East Gallery
January 8 - February 1, 2022

Opening Reception:

Saturday, January 8, 6pm-9pm

Born and raised in Argentina, Gladys came to the US to pursue a Master’s in Education at Pennsylvania State University. In 1995, Gladys and her family moved to Austin, Texas, where she studied Studio Arts at the University of Texas. Gladys has been a full-time artist since then. She currently resides in Houston.

Artist Statement:

The human story, our journey through time, where we’re going, are the subjects of my work. As any human, I’m immersed in the everyday mess of political events, the ever-increasing pace of change, the anxiety, and the hope about the future.  My work is a way of observing the events happening around me and trying to see them within a larger context.

Building 3D models in my studio is a fundamental part of my work process. It is a way of thinking, of drawing with physical objects. I build the models with cardboard, paper, all sorts of recycled materials and other found objects. As I build the models, new ideas occur, and new meanings and stories emerge. Once complete, I make drawings and paintings by observing the models.

Even though the work is inspired by the real world around us, I like to pursue the mysterious and magical aspect of the work. Color and light are extremely important to create that atmosphere as well as to carry meaning. As my work is metaphorical, it allows different interpretations by the viewers. Each viewer will find their own narrative in the work.

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