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Gretchen Van Atta Loro
"The Language of the Spirit is Dance!"

East Gallery

November 2 - November 30, 2019

Opening Reception

Saturday, November 2, 2019
6pm to 9pm
Untitled, Colored Pencil

Gretchen was born in New York City in 1947. Soon afterward, her family moved to the Hudson Valley into an interesting community of free thinkers where all the arts were encouraged and supported. She always liked to draw and majored in studio art at Kalamazoo College. She had the opportunity to study for six months in Muenster, Germany and participated in life drawing classes.

After graduation, Gretchen went to work in a tea house on one of the North Frisian Islands, which was run by an artist during the summers. There, she met her first husband, a mussel fisherman, and became his business partner. Gretchen fell in love with the northern light of the islands, but she and her husband yearned to try something different from fishing and came back to the States where they had a variety of experiences.

She came to live with her sister in The Woodlands and met her present husband and soulmate, a very gifted artist, Antonio Loro. Together, they formed a unique art restoration and conservation business in Houston, as well as enjoyed creating their own art. Tony encouraged Gretchen to take her talent seriously and, as an already acclaimed artist himself, helped her take her skills to the next level. She has shown her work in Houston area galleries and has done several themed shows, including one of the Tango at the General Argentine Consulate in Houston.

Gretchen has distinguished herself with the mastery of an unusual medium - the colored pencil. Her graphite pencil work allows you to feel the spontaneity of the dance, while her chromatic work builds on the textures of the costumes and the drama of the theater design. Gretchen's work elevates the human experience by being drawn into her work.

Photo Credit: Miro Dvorscak Photography

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