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Sebastian Adams (Oregon)
"History of the World"

September - October 1999

Sebastian C. Adams of Salem, Oregon Illustrated the Panorama of History . Measuring some 27 inches high and 260 inches long, this gigantic panoramic diagram charts the history of the world from a Biblical perspective, starting with the creation of Adam in 4004 B.C. and ending in 1878 (though projected into the future as far as 1900). Adams centers his chart on the Stream of Time which is divided into decades and centuries. Initially he simply follows the Bible's begats, but eventually he slowly segues into the historical period with the development of Egyptian, Persian, and Greek culture. He notes all important events and offers historical and biblical commentary where appropriate - often illustrating historical monuments and Biblical events and monstrosities. Eventually the map gets necessarily more and more complicated as it passes into the classical era, the pre modern era, and ultimately the modern times. At the end of the chart Adams shows the currently reigning world rulers, discusses the development of the United States, and even offers a breakdown of historically important technological developments. Adams' also interestingly attempts to reconcile Biblical with Global history, associating for example, Noah, with Yao, a legendary figure in early Chinese mythology.

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