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"Breaking Boundaries"
Houston - Leipzig

Thomas Geyer, "Beach Access at Night", 2024, egg tempera on canvas, 51.18" x 39.37"

West Gallery
August 3 - August 7, 2024

Opening Reception:

Saturday, August 3, 6pm-9pm

Redbud Arts Center is thrilled to present an exhibition titled “Breaking Boundaries,” featuring five exceptional German artists, Julia Hochbaum, Maria Braune, Thomas Geyer, Gustav Sonntag, and Cristoph Rodes, from our sister city of Leipzig.

“Breaking Boundaries” is an artistic endeavor that delves into the cultural connections and distinct identities of Houston and Leipzig. This interdisciplinary collaboration brings together artists from both communities to explore and celebrate their shared artistic traditions, historical backgrounds, and contemporary social developments. The project serves as a creative platform to foster dialogue, honor differences, and uncover common ground.


Retrospectively, Houston artists will showcase their works in Leipzig in October, continuing the cultural exchange and strengthening the bond between our two vibrant cities.

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