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Jack Delaney
"The Hero's Journey"

"Tabula Rasa", oil on wood, 42" x 42"

East Gallery
February 5 - March 1, 2022

Opening Reception:

Saturday, February 5, 6pm-9pm

Artist Statement:

This body of work is inspired by the great stories of western mythology and my own private memories. By “mythologizing” my life, I am trying to make sense of my past experiences and personal choices. If I am the hero living out my own mythology, then whatever happened to me must have happened for a reason, and there is something worth learning from it and documenting in artwork.

I am exaggerating and idealizing the parts of my life which I would otherwise keep private. I am attempting to resolve things that might otherwise go unresolved. I disguise my memories within heightened visual narratives that are decorated with personal and mythological symbols. Then, I put these narratives on display for an audience.

When interpreting my paintings, I want the viewer to occupy the worlds I have created as the hero or heroine of their own narrative, with their own memories and experiences. This shared experience creates a greater mythology we can all share in, thus giving meaning to our lives. Communicating these experiences in a non-specific way through visual language is at the core of what I believe it means to be human.

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