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Jim Edwards (San Francisco)

"A Season of Glyphs"

September 4 - September 26, 2010

Jim Edwards received his BFA and MFA degrees in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1969 and in 1972 began his career as a Curator of Art at the Alaska State Museum in Juneau. His Curatorial Career has kept him busy in the American west where he has also worked in Idaho, New Mexico, Utah and especially Texas. Although he abandoned painting in oils and acrylics by the mid 1970’s, he has continually drawn, and has recently started exhibiting his drawings, first at the Monchskirche Salzwedel, in Salzwedel, Germany in 2009 and at Galerie Richard, Berlin, Germany in June/July of this year.


The present series of colored pencil and water color drawings, A Season of Glyphs, have been produced in 2010. Edwards likes the fact that his mostly small scale drawings can be done anywhere and with a minimum of space in which to work. The drawings in this exhibit were done in Hilmsen, Germany, Forestville, California, San Francisco and Houston. His influences are broad, from Inuit and Northwest Coast masks, Mimbres and Nazca ceramics, the Surrealists, especially Masson and Miro of the 1920’and 30’s, and many “outsider “ artists. Edwards wish for these drawings, other than the invented images that he renders, is the hope that they enchant and perhaps surprise, both himself, and his audience. He lives with his wife Victoria in Houston and San Francisco.


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