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John Biggers


April 4 - April 26, 2015

We are very excited and honored to have showcased the works of one of Texas' leading historical art world figures. John Biggers wasn't a native Houstonian, but the creative muralist left an indelible mark on the art world. Biggers has not shown commercially, to our knowledge for over thirty years in Houston.

From his evolution as a social realist in North Carolina and Virginia to a modernist here in Houston, Biggers will always be remembered for a realm of creativity which reflected his perspective of the anguish that people suffered in the rural South.

A major influence in art education for hundreds of artists over a 35 year period, Biggers served in 1949 as a founding chair of the art department at Texas Southern University. In 1957, he received a fellowship from (UNESCO), enabling him to become one of the first African-American artists to visit Africa.

The exhibition hosted thirty pieces from private collections and highlighted all media including prints, drawings, paintings, and study sketches. Gus Kopriva (owner/director of Redbud Gallery) believes Biggers' work is an awesome historical tool that, though well-known in the collectors' world, will re-introduce his talent to younger generations. "Biggers is an incredibly important figure and I don't want this local hero to be forgotten. When people visit the exhibit, my hope is they walk away knowing his name, his work and his contribution to art history, not only to Houston but also to the entire country."

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