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Joyce Harlow
"Hello Again"

Good Ship Lollypop

East Gallery
May 7 - May 31, 2022

Opening Reception:

Saturday, May 7, 6pm-9pm

Artist Statement:


In the 1940s, on my grandfather’s farm in Kentucky, there were six siblings, 3 boys and 3 girls. After the Depression, our source of toys for play was from the junk yard not far from our farm. We would take my brother’s Radio Flyer wagon and bring back discarded metal, wood, and glass. With these materials, we would construct our playhouses.

As an “Outsider Artist”, I began my journey with clay fired in a small kiln to make “Little People” which were combined with found objects to tell a story. As an adult, I was drawn to flea markets and antique stores for my constructions of an imaginary world.

To this day, I still see the world through my childhood eyes.

My love of junk and discarded items carried over to my art with my assemblages of metal, wood, and clay. When I look at “junk”, I do not see what items “were”, but rather what they could become.

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