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Juan Aaron Castillo (Houston)


October 4 - October 26, 2014

Steambath-scopop features a selection of drawings by Houston-based artist, Juan Aaron Castillo, as part of a series that emerges from various bodies of thought, personal anecdote, current events and media. These sources converge intuitively toward graphic Debordian spectacle where all elements vie for meaning, context and relevance within a steam-hazed ectopic social narrative. Narcotized figures, each wearing a scrawled tribute to a potentially hazardous asteroid within Earth's orbit, stagger throughout the almost colorless greyed white works, which are vaguely reflective of their titles. The Sartre-esque allusions indulge the drawings further into the inherent anxiety and alienation of being, perception and consciousness, as a kind of gaze-obsessed scopophilic surveillance.

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