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Jungseok Oh

"The Extinction Crisis - Wolf", 2016, wire welding, 55" x 55" x 10"

West Gallery
May 4 - June 29, 2024

Opening Reception:

Saturday, May 4, 6pm-9pm

When Jung-seok Oh was 11 years old, his art teacher inserted pictures of Jung-seok’s artwork into his master’s thesis, and he said that he hoped Jung-seok would continue his art activities. Since then, Jung-seok has been drawing and making anything he wants for about 30 years. Born with this artistic talent in a small city, Pyeong-taek, in South Korea, Jung-seok naturally thought it was his vocation to become an artist. More interested in sculpture, he was fascinated with exploring wood as a material. He wrote a master's thesis titled A Study of Autobiography in Post-Modern Era about his woodworking series, Persona. One of his works caught the eye of the former president, Roh Moo-hyun, who now owns it. It can be seen in his house which is open to the public.

While living in gratitude for his life as an artist, he was suddenly diagnosed with cancer. His health was in a dangerous situation as he received surgery and chemotherapy. Yet he recovered miraculously, winning the battle against cancer. In his struggle with cancer, Jung-seok saw the value of life not just for himself, but for all the life forms on earth. Capturing the images of various endangered species that are being threatened by human interventions or are disappearing because of yet unknown reasons, Jung-seok produces diverse works of art. He also constantly explores new art forms including a groundbreaking attempt to draw using a drone. Now, he seeks to expand his sphere of activities by studying and creating art in the United States.

In this exhibition, he uses wire as a medium to create art to raise awareness of the plight of endangered animals.


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