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Lacey Crawford (Texas)

"The Culture of Seduction"

December 6 - December 28, 2008

For centuries, an entire culture of seduction has been made from a collection of sensual textiles created specifically to enhance the grace and femininity of a woman's body. Metal artist Lacey Crawford has transformed these articles, replacing the ethereally soft edges with sharp, heavy metal -- preserving these objects of desire with the hardened resolve that defines the contemporary female.

Crawford's works evoke visions of boys secreting away their mothers' lingerie catalogs for a glimpse of the spoils of adulthood, of what can be found beyond adolescent longing. Inviting the viewer to become a part of the work's experience, each piece speaks of memory, of passions passed and past. They demand examination, causing those who look to no longer be an outsider, but a part of what they see. 

Growing up in Dallas exposed Crawford to a class of determined, successful women who proved capable of anything they set their minds to and her work reflects the feminine strength her role models possessed. Yet her art maintains the quiet sexual secrets of societies, secrets that have, perhaps in some circles, gone the way of men's hats and women's little white gloves.

"In the formerly male-dominated world there is a place for femininity, for intricate, delicate treasures that quicken the heart and cause the blood to surge," explains Crawford, who believes that beauty is fleeting and has put great physical labor into these relics of a woman's youth, turning them into keepsakes -- into infinite works of art.


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