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Lauren Chapman

March 3 - March 31, 2018

Opening Reception

Saturday, March 3, 2018
6pm to 9pm

Artist Statement:

I create sculptures that ask the observer to question what they see. I start with natural components, such as driftwood, and add character elements, like carved faces, or industrial elements to them. I disguise faces on objects and in places where they do not belong. I create scenes and objects that evoke emotions, be they joy, curiosity, or angst. This combines my interests in nature and the human psyche into a work that draws in the observer, the natural, the human, and the industrial with one another.

Often, a hidden element in the work causes the observer to do a double-take upon noticing the familiar in an unfamiliar context. This awareness (and initial lack thereof) informs my work: I want the observer to become more conscious of their surroundings. Any object may be hiding an interesting, unnoticed world in plain sight. My work asks the observer to notice the worlds before us that often become obscured by our supposed familiarity and to take them in with the wonder of one who sees it for the first time.

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