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Letitia Eldredge (Coupland, Texas)
"Mythos, Logos, Pathos"

May 7 - May 30, 2016

Artist Statement:
"A score of questions drive my creative initiative and leads to their conclusions as narrative works of art on paper, ceramic sculpture and performance art with the intent to symbolically represent those ideas. What were ancient people searching for in their grasp of archetypal images? Do we ever actually understand the spirit in life intellectually? What is the need? Is it to undertake our whole, being alive? Intuition bears its own importance as a communication of that instinctual knowledge.
As in ancient mythology, everything has a sacred significance, no object or activity is profane. Thus, since nothing is neutral, universal aspects of pathos, beauty and lovable absurdity of humanity offer themselves up to the poet as an expressive framework for spirituality. For me, these depictions bear fateful significance.
The arts can offer us a comprehensive view of mythic symbolic content which stimulates imagination for individuals as experiencers. Artists are categorically, romantics, voyeurs, documenters, mystics. I am one of those modern expressionists who think, write, draw, build, paint, whatever comes to mind. I suspect this occurs in some ancient sense as if it is already written or pictured beforehand. Ideas capture form in my attention without studious comparison rather an intuitive path of powerful pure communication. Art-making for me is a spiritual practice."


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