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Liz Kerrigan (Dallas)


​September 10 - September 25, 2011

"There is something fascinating about old wooden measuring implements; they evoke an era of arcane, non-digital tool use. There is a sense of mystery and gravitas in their cracked varnish and patina. I am making art with old wooden rulers and yardsticks and have a body of work using them in an obsessive assemblage fashion. The work is simultaneously two and three dimensional. I reassign the rulers’ meaning, re-contextualizing them by creating pieces of art. Humans define themselves in myriad ways through measuring and quantifying every aspect of their existence, as if only external measurements (judgments) substantiate who we are as individuals. As a rejection of these psychological yardsticks, I attempt to deconstruct them and create my own visual language with the fragments, depicting ideas instead of measuring them."

-Liz Kerrigan

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