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Louise Schlachter (Houston)

"Petit Mort Moths"

October 1 - October 30, 2011

Ms. Schlachter's current polychrome works of UV cured inks on aluminum are derived from her studies and fascination with the spiritual myths of moths.

“I have always been Curious about the Little Things. Hidden things. Discarded things. Captured in Passing Storms. Landing all around me. Moths Blew into my Life. These “wandering death-birds”, “souls of witches”, are Creatures of Myth and Magic. Now, I Pleasure Myself in Reproducing their Feathering Wing Patterns. Layering Iridescent Inks on smooth clay boards, I Scratch & Dent at the surface with an XACTO knife, pens, and pencils revealing their enigmatic markings.I am exploring the shadows of death and reincarnations – the poems, songs, and praises that are the spirit of moths’ myths”.

Louise Schlachter lives and works in Houston, Texas.

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