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Medrano+ Anderson (Houston)


December 7 - 29, 2013

For well over a decade Katy Anderson and Patrick Medrano have been submerged in the arts in Houston,Texas and abroad. What started out as a love story between a photographer and a painter sculptor, has over the years blossomed into its own thriving and well collected collaborative entity.


With backgrounds as different as their personalities, Medrano and Anderson gracefully become one in their works of art. "Our process is always the same" the duo explains, "we shoot, paint and build what our individual hearts desire." Then through the shuffle of life they find their way into each others frame. Katy's timeless black and white photos give comfort and balance to Patrick's custom fitting paintings and sculptures. A unique balance of light and darkness.


With too many exhibitions and art ventures to count, Medrano and Anderson have stretched there Artfull arms from Paris to Peru.


"Siamese" is the title of the next and latest collection. "We were inspired by the one year anniversary of our daughter Tomorro Medrano. The definition of Siamese is exhibiting great resemblance: Tomorro resembles us both equally. So, it took two to make one . The true meaning of the word SIAMESE only exists within her. This collection is a true reflection of its creators. The growth and struggle of the two that made one, artistically and in life."


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