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Michael Horvath (Houston)
"The Fleet"

December 3 - January 3, 2017

Michael Horvath

Artist Statement


"Growing up on the Gulf Coast, I have always had a fascination with the ocean and all that is associated with it. I have a deep respect for its power to destroy and create at the same time. It has the amazing ability to develop, mold, and redefine anything that is associated with it or that comes into contact with it.


I have also struggled with throwing things away unless they had been completely destroyed. While something may have moved beyond its original intended purpose, I have always thought that there were many useful parts and pieces that could be re-purposed or recycled from these and used elsewhere.


Finding inspiration from self-taught folk artists such as John Taylor and Mr. Imagination, who have the unique ability to take everyday objects to create a new purpose, I decided to try my own hand at creating my own form of art. I decided that I would create it using only scraps, parts and pieces of old equipment, and items destined for the trash bin. Looking to not actually buy any materials other than glue or paint.


I have also been a history buff of some sorts and growing up in Texas, which is rich with its own history, I was influenced by the state's colorful past. Some of that history has morphed over time to create a sort of folklore or tall tale status.


I took all of those influences to create what I term the Deep Six Fleet. It seemed appropriate since it not only means to discard, but is also an old nautical term that essentially meant something was beyond recovery. The idea of these ships that seem to be losing the battle with nature, but at the same time seem timeless. Each having its own tale drawn from Texas history and maritime history where it's gray as to whether the story has truth to it or not."



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