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MK Ghonima (Houston)
"Optimistic Woe"

March 4 - April 28, 2017

MK Ghonima

"Optimistic Woe"


The road to the border is hard.

Each hill and mile, a reminder of loved ones left behind.


At the border there is traffic on the bridge that crosses the river.

The atmosphere is tense... so no jokes.


Upstream the wind blows across the river bringing with it wave upon wave of butterflies.

It whistles through brush and cane accompanied by a chorus of insects.

Wild horses wade from muddy banks into the river to drink - two chestnuts, one palomino and a gray.



"Most of these paintings came together over a six month period while traveling back and forth to Laredo, Texas for work.  They are stories of the places where cultures overlap or butt up against each other.  My own story is that of someone who moved around a lot as a kid before immigrating to the United States and growing up in a multicultural household."


-MK Ghonima


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