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Patrick Medrano
"The Great Decline"

West Gallery

March 13 - April 27, 2021

Opening Reception

Saturday, March 13, 2021
12pm to 9pm
"The Great Decline", plaster, wood, metal, gut of antique upright piano taken from a WPA built segregated school, 10' x 3'

Artist Statement:

I would like to invite you, the viewer, to put your own opinions, thoughts, and experiences in front of the Artist's thoughts and opinions.  It is an open conversation. This exhibition is a collaborative endeavor of thoughts and meanings between you, the Artist, and the beautiful Redbud Gallery.

Just know that this show was produced throughout the 2020 pandemic.  It is simply what it took for me and my family to stay mentally, physically, and soulfully alive. 
I have always been inspired to speak out and say something, and to do something about what I see and hear, especially when it involves beauty or injustice.  Art has always been my loudest and most clear form of communicating.

The definition and reasoning behind most soul filled creations are answered only by the biography of the maker. They usually have no idea how they made it because it is instinctual. Inspired and influenced by their surroundings, situations, and experiences, they simply get to work.

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