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Patrick Renner

West Gallery

February 1 - May 23, 2020

Opening Reception

Saturday, February 1, 2020
6pm to 9pm
"green thumb", Found painted wood, re-animated paint, plexiglass, glass, wallpaper, found objects, aluminum paint, terrarium with assorted cacti and succulents, 61"x 59"x 14"

Artist Statement:
It’s an age-old adage: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. At some point this became the guiding principle of my art practice, coupled with the optimistic outlook from a titular Calvin & Hobbes volume: There’s Treasure Everywhere!

Initially, out of necessity as a high school art student with extremely modest means, I took notice of the abundance of (free!) architectural refuse that showed up at regular intervals in random places on Houston roadsides. My first foray into the treasure pile (trash pile) was epiphinal, and I was hooked. Even now, after more than 20 years of sifting through mountains of detritus, I still find my head turning unconsciously as I drive past a promising pile of pre-art. The urge to glean these carelessly discarded gems from heaps of rubble is nearly insatiable. Each painted board is embedded with a story of its existence, albeit unknown to me, and no two are the same. Like a boundless flurry of snowflakes, they just keep coming, endlessly. I’m mesmerized by the residue of weathering and human contact that connects me, tenuously, to a sea of anonymous people and their fascinating, unknowable existences.

The exhibition BOUNTY explores the wonderful possibilities of this resuscitated material, in a few selected approaches. Refuse as a vehicle for memory is a way of exploring the human condition; my mania for accumulating building materials parallels the universal trajectory of experiential aggregation over the course of a lifetime. Having amassed a vast fortune in this cryptocurrency, I am slowly reinvesting it in new, Frankensteined forms made available for public consumption.


View all of the works in the exhibition, read Patrick's artist statement and biography, and read the statements written about his work.


Click on the image below to page through the catalog:

Patrick Renner "BOUNTY" Catalog
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