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Randall Mosman
"I'm Still Here"

February 3 - February 26, 2018


Saturday, January 13, 2018
6pm to 9pm

Opening Reception

Saturday, February 3, 2018
6pm to 9pm
Randall Mosman

Born in New Orleans and educated both in Texas and internationally through extensive travels, Mosman has developed an original recognizable artistic style. You will be delighted to view impressive large mixed media, small sculpture and paintings.

His large works are somewhat dark, painted with thick layers of oil and found objects. The house like structures are reminiscent of those we see as we travel the highways and backroads of the American South. They appear surrealistic, ramshackle, as one would observe while on a very fine mind altering high. The small metallic sculptures are miniatures of the large home pieces while retaining the sense of the larger works. Smaller paintings depict voyeur like scenes taken from a tour of our favorite lake houses or cabins nestled in the dark woods at night. 

Our tunnel like eyes are directed to interesting lighted windows full of imagined potential surprises. Mosman’s figurative elements are somewhat scattered throughout his art. Observation of the human element leads the viewer to draw many different conclusions or observations of what is actually happening. Mosman’s art teases us in many ways which is his intent.

Artist Statement:
“From the desert, over the mountains, through the forest, and into the delta, across the sea, into the jungle, and back again: The familiarity of shelter along the way is what interest me. The space that we occupy within a place. The cabin, the cottage, the bungalow, the shack, the house on stilts, the house on the hill. All serve their purpose, only in a different place in a different space.”

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