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Redbud Projects

Richmond Avenue Public Art Trail

Houston, Texas
Dec. 1, 2022 - Sept. 1, 2023
Richmond Avenue Art Trail 2022

St. George Place Redevelopment Authority/TIRZ 1 is pleased to present to the entire Houston community a third set of three-dimensional public art pieces on Richmond Avenue medians between S. Rice and Hillcroft, preserving the southwest side of town’s significant place among the visual art destinations for which our city is known far and wide. 


We hope the 10 pieces on the Richmond Avenue public art trail will amuse, entertain and inspire residents, shoppers, visitors and workers alike in the same way that the city’s art cars, first-class art museums, murals and mini-murals do in other locations. Creating the Galleria area’s outdoor gallery is one of many ways in which we are carrying out our mission as public agencies to use physical projects to improve quality of life in the area and spur private investment.


Frank Donnelly III, Chairman

Curator's Statement

Since 2019, Redbud Arts Center has had the pleasure to have been invited by the St. George Redevelopment Authority to participate in the continuous esplanade improvement efforts on Richmond Avenue. This year, the program has expanded to being the largest Boulevard exhibit in the City of Houston with ten sculptures that were installed between S. Rice Avenue and Hillcroft Avenue. We invited artists from across Texas to create and erect sculptures for a nine-month period. The participating artists Joe Barrington, Aaron Kary, Shang-Yi Hua, Susan Budge, Angel Alcala, David Adickes, Jeffie Brewer, Jim Robertson, Mark Monroe, and Russ Connell are nationally known and have a reputation for providing quality work in a timely manner. These whimsical pieces of art contribute to the cohesion and wellbeing of this growing urban uptown community. Civic pride is fostered, and quality of life is improved. Moreover, art adds economic value to the area by increasing tourism.


We hope you enjoy the exhibition of temporary art in your neighborhood.

All the works are for sale. Please contact us if you have an inquiry about price and availability.


Gus Kopriva

Curator, Redbud Arts Center

Richmond Avenue Art Trail 2022
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