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Redbud Projects

Richmond Avenue Public Art Trail

Houston, Texas
November 1, 2023 - July 31, 2024
Richmond Avenue Art Trail 2023

St. George Place Redevelopment Authority/TIRZ 1 is pleased to present to the entire Houston community a fourth set of three-dimensional public art pieces on Richmond Avenue medians between S. Rice and Hillcroft, preserving the southwest side of town’s significant place among the visual art destinations for which our city is known far and wide. 


We hope the 10 pieces on the Richmond Avenue public art trail will amuse, entertain and inspire residents, shoppers, visitors and workers alike in the same way that the city’s art cars, first-class art museums, murals and mini-murals do in other locations. Creating the Galleria area’s outdoor gallery is one of many ways in which we are carrying out our mission as public agencies to use physical projects to improve quality of life in the area and spur private investment.


Frank Donnelly III, Chairman

Curator’s Statement



Dear arts enthusiasts:


Welcome to the fourth rendition of the 2023/2024 Richmond Art Trail exhibit sponsored by the St. George Redevelopment Authority. This year’s program consists of sculptures from ten Texas artists from a diverse background and experience. Some of the art in this collection was created by artists without a background in public sculpture; other works are by artists with experience in the medium. Some participants are from South America and Asia. Their resumes include shows in international, national, and local venues. The diversity of our practitioners is broad. This year we are trying to experiment with solar lighting.


The staff at the Redbud Arts Center welcomes you to view and enjoy the exhibition.


Note that most of the pieces are for sale. Please pass on any inquires to us at 713-854-4246. Thank you.


Gus Kopriva 

Redbud Arts Center

A non-profit advocacy for the arts

Richmond Avenue Art Trail Catalog
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