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Sue Zola (Connecticut)

"Candy Colored Kisses"

December 5, 2015 - January 3, 2016

“Fifteen years ago, I began using glitter as a medium in my artwork.  The playful nature of these tiny reflective and colorful particles feeds my inspiration, while still maintaining the substance of my motif.  From cultural icons to nostalgic cereal boxes, my work is enhanced by prominent clean lines and the utilization of vibrant color.


As I stay true to my chosen medium and continue to mature and develop as an artist some of my recent subject matter has taken on a more serious tone, addressing social issues such as equal rights and GMO’s.  I have been delighted to discover that glitter adds to my commentary in a way that is demanded in contemporary art today.  As well as making the most benign icons ‘pop’ and old romances ‘novel’, glitter also has the ability to amplify potent content, eliciting a sense of irony, while accentuating the contradictory temperament between the subject matter and the medium.  With appreciative patrons and collectors ranging from rock stars to first graders, my glitter art is the ultimate conversation piece on any wall.”


Sue Zola currently lives and works in Connecticut.


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