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Tiffany Bergeron
"Flora and Fauna: Ethereal Encounters"

"California Poppy", 2023, mixed media on wood panel, 12”x 9"

East Gallery
April 6 - May 25, 2024

Opening Reception:

Saturday, April 6, 6pm-9pm

Tiffany Bergeron is a Houston based mixed media artist whose focus is painting, printmaking and jewelry design.  She creates sculptural pendants made from found objects, fused glass, and clay.


Tiffany Bergeron

My work is a response to the wonders and mysteries nature holds.  By turning my painted landscapes into dreamscapes, I have created a fantasy world inspired by the forest and the creatures that inhabit it.  I am inspired by the patterns I see in nature, the twisting branches that form a tree canopy, a swarm of black birds in the sky or the design on a butterfly wing.   My works combine the processes of painting and printmaking techniques onto handmade paper and wood.   I create works in which one can escape into another world, like our own but more surreal and atmospheric.  My work becomes a place the viewer can enter, where color and texture create a sense of light and motion.  Nature, through rich layers of paint, handmade paper, charcoal, and ink, becomes defined by its patterns and movement which is abstracted and dissolved into the landscape.  These ethereal dreamscapes are filled with wonder, symbolism, and hidden stories.

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