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Wayne Gilbert (Houston)

"If Paper Could Talk"

January 8 - January 30, 2011

​Wayne Gilbert is an ordinary artist in an extra-ordinary city full of great artists and art. He has an undergraduate degree from the University of Houston in Painting with a minor in Art History 1984. He has a Masters Degree from Rice University in Liberal Studies 2012. He was a founding member of the Rubber Group, along with Bill Hailey and Ramzy Telley in 1996 until 2004. Their multiple disciplined extravaganzas were bohemian rough and stayed well out of the mainstream.​

Wayne Gilbert uses the cremated remains of Americans uncollected, for infinite reasons, at funeral establishments mixed with a clear gel medium to create works of art. His intent is to question the phenomenon of art as it relates to humanity and as humanity relates to the art. The discipline is designed to investigate and question the academic substance of art as it integrates into the theory and critical analysis of art making. What is art? Why does it matter? Who defines a work of art? What is it about this peculiar and mystifying human undertaking that can result in such a huge world wide industry and sometimes be relegated to the lofty world of “priceless”?  The range of imagery is wide and does not follow any specific lineage, but rather entertains the momentary flicker of a thought as it might relate to our philosophical, theological, physical or mental trip through this wonderful and fascinating eschatological journey. 

Wayne has been a guest speaker at Bard College, Annandale on the Hudson, New York, Rutgers University, New Jersey, and Texas Tech, Lubbock, Texas. He has curated exhibitions, in Trujillo, Peru, Santiago, Cuba, Salwedel, Germany, Seattle ,Washington, Marfa, Texas, Arlington, Texas to name a few.

Wayne as an artist, well that’s another story. Thank you, WD/

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