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Redbud Projects

Western Sequels
Art From The Lone Star

Istanbul, Turkey

June 28, 2013 - July 31, 2013
Western Sequels - Art from the Lone Star

Gus Kopriva Statement for Western Sequels


The Genesis for this exhibition began when I first met the Greek Council to Houston, Alexandra Theodoropoulou at a student art exhibition that was held at Houston Baptist University.  I made note of her interest in the visual arts and planned to approach her with the idea of a Texas exhibition in Athens. 


Texas Sequels, Art from the Lone Star, showcases but a small sample of the contemporary art  related to those artists that were born, live, work, or studied in Texas.  The art chosen by Vanessa and I are of a primary imagist style.  Our state’s history from the ownership of Spain, France, and its independence from Mexico, the days as a separate republic, a tragic civil war against the US, and a reunification with the American states has a unique effect in the styles and color fields found in the art of Texas.  I hope you enjoy this exhibition and we hope you travel to our great lands in the future.


I wish to thank Director Caner Karavit, Ozlem Ataman, Mehmet Sacli, and Randall Mossman whose efforts and support have made this exhibition possible  at the Five Dome Art Space at the Mimar  Sinan Fine Arts University in Istanbul, Turkey.


In peace,

Gustav Kopriva



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